Today is a big day. Today, Magento announced it has purchased RJMetrics. The RJMetrics product will form the foundation of Magento Analytics, giving Magento users powerful tools to analyze their customers’ behavior.

I joined RJMetrics as VP of Marketing in early 2013. Seeing the company, product, and team mature from the 20-person company I joined has been amazing. I’m incredibly proud to have been a part of that process, and will definitely have more thoughts to share from the journey in the future.

Today, though, I want to focus on what’s next.

Announcing Stitch

I’ve spent the past several months launching Stitch. Stitch is a completely new identity for RJMetrics Pipeline, which is being spun out and will continue to operate as a standalone business.

The RJMetrics marketing and design teams have been hard at work on the Stitch identity since March. Kudos to Janessa Lantz, Kevin Jackson, and Chase Turberville for their hard work.

It’s exciting to see how far Stitch has come since its launch in October of 2015. Today, there are hundreds of companies using Stitch to sync their data to Amazon Redshift, and I’m actually one of them.

Introducing Fishtown Analytics

I’ve also spent the past several months bootstrapping my own company, Fishtown Analytics, and have resigned from RJMetrics to focus on growing the business full-time. Fishtown is an analytics consultancy that helps A- and B-round venture-funded companies implement advanced analytics. We’re already proud to work with several amazing customers, and are using Stitch heavily as a service delivery tool.

We’re also building an open-source product called dbt (data build tool). dbt is a tool that allows data analysts to work more like software developers. The project has grown out of an initiative that a small group of us started while at RJMetrics, and has its roots deep in the problems we were experiencing as we analyzed our own performance data.

Currently, the availability of data far exceeds most businesses’ ability to analyze and interpret that data. dbt provides a lightweight mechanism to model data into a format that can be more easily analyzed by business users in graphical BI tools. It does this in a way that incorporates version control, testing, and multiple environments.

The product is still in its early days, but it’s already advanced enough that we couldn’t imagine conducting analytics without it. We use dbt in 100% of our client engagements. As an analyst, I’m incredibly excited to build, and to use, exactly the tool I need to do my job.

Today, Fishtown Analytics is myself and Drew Banin, with Yevgeniy Meyerguest-starring from time-to-time. If you’d like to chat about analytics, please get in touch.

A Word of Thanks

To Bob, Jake, Chris, Mike, Ben, Anita, my entire unbelievably talented and dedicated marketing team, and to the rest of the RJMetrics crew: thank you for an amazing journey. I’ve learned so much and have enjoyed every minute of it.

To the Philly tech community: thanks for supporting us. It’s been so wonderful as an outsider to the city (I moved here for the job) to immediately feel like I was a part of something bigger. Keep doing what you’re doing.

To anyone who has read the millions of emails and tens of thousands of words of content we’ve written: thanks for caring. It’s been fun to be in your inboxes and to hear from you :)

About the author

Tristan Handy is the Founder and President of Fishtown Analytics, a Philadelphia-based analytics consultancy serving high-growth, venture-funded startups. Tristan has been working in data for 18 years and held executive roles at Squarespace, Argyle Social, and RJMetrics.